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Cousins from New York and Massachusetts arrested at Calhoun gas station found with stolen vehicles

According to Calhoun Police Department police were called to the Love's Travel Stop on Belwood Road at about 3:00 AM Monday about two people acting suspiciously inside the store. Before police arrived the two men exited the store an entered separate vehicles a silver Toyota Prius and a white Toyota Tundra. Officers ran the tags on the vehicles while speaking to the men and the one on the Prius came back stolen from New Jersey. The tag on the Tundra had not been reported stolen, but it belonged to a Ford Econoline van registered to a hotel in Whitfield County. After running the VINs on the vehicles, police learned the Prius had been reported stolen in Jersey City, New Jersey, while the Tundra had been reported stolen in Knoxville, Tennessee. Aramal told officers that he and St. Laurent were cousins, and they both said they were headed to Florida. Police found a tool used to unlock car doors, called a slim jim, inside the trunk of the Prius, as well as a counterfeit $100 bill inside a wallet in the car. Alexander Thomas Amaral, 25, of New York, New York, and Ethan Jorge St. Laurent, 19, of Fall River, Massachusetts, were both booked into the Gordon County Jail on the charge of theft by receiving stolen property. Both men remained in jail Tuesday morning.