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Couple arrested on several charges after woman shoplifts from Walmart with snake around neck Sunday

According to a Whitfield County incident report, on Sunday, May 24th, 2020 around 8:30 PM, A Whitfield County Lt. was advised by Walmart Loss Prevention that there was a lady in the store with red hair and a snake around her neck that had just shoplifted a Roku and left the store without paying for it. The Lt. traveled down Walnut Avenue to check for the 1999 Honda Odyssey van, which had left the Walmart and noticed one similar that was parked at the Walnut Express gas station. After turning around the Lt. noticed the van was now on Walnut Avenue traveling eastbound. The Lt. made a u-turn in an attempt to see the vehicle registration the van made an abrupt move to the left lane and tried to turn onto Richardson Drive. The van had to stop in the on-coming lane to keep from hitting an approaching vehicle. Lt. confirmed that the tag displayed was the same tag that the Loss Prevention provided as being the offender vehicle. The Lt. could see that the driver was very nervous by his abrupt movements in driving. The Lt. pulled her service weapon and advised the driver and passenger to put their hands up, which she had to tell them numerous times to keep their hands up. The Lt. could also see that there was a large machete in between them. A Sgt. arrived removed both suspects and detained them. The female occupant had a ball python in her bra area that she removed and placed into a backpack. Lt. ask both the male and female for their names. The male advised that his name was Devin Micheal Perkins, 21 of Chatsworth, and the female advised that her name was Leona Baker. Lt. had dispatch run both names for information and warrant check. The female advised that she did take the Roku and that it was in the vehicle in the Walmart bag. Deputies were able to locate the Walmart bag with the Roku inside. There was a plastic container with some type of strawberry dessert, the Roku, and a tag that was for a clothing item by George men's beachwear for $.98. There was no receipt found in the Walmart bag. Lt. Lowery noticed that there was a backpack with an open beer container setting inside of it. Deputy Millsaps located a Walmart receipt between the two front seats, and it showed that the purchase at Walmart was for two machetes, the strawberry dessert, and the $.98 men's beachwear item, but the tag was the only item in the bag. The female advised that she scanned the tag for the Roku. The deputy found a hide a can commonly used for the storage of illegal narcotics. Inside the can, they located over 9grams of marijuana. Perkins immediately began to beg the female to take the charge because he said he just got out of jail. The female had a hard time deciding if she would assume ownership of the marijuana. Perkins continued to tell the female that he loved her and asking her, "baby, please!". The female who identified as Baker advised that it was her marijuana and that she had more inside her bra. The female Lt. asked the female to be honest that there were no more snakes in her bra before she would search. The female advised that there were no more snakes, and the Lt. located another small clear plastic bag of marijuana. The Lt. was advised that the male was not licensed and ask if he had insurance on the vehicle. The male advised that he did not have insurance on it, but it still had insurance from the previous owner The Lt. knew that the registration showed canceled. Perkins could not provide an insurance card with the van, so he was advised that he was going to jail and no longer detained. Lt. recovered the female's wallet as she requested prior to transport and noticed that there was a correctional release ID in the wallet with a name different than what the female had originally told the Lt. The Lt. also noticed four different money cards (debit/credit) with the name Jennifer Epperson inside the wallet. When asked about the cards, the female advised that they were her sister's. While at the jail, Lt. Lowery looked up the male in P2P to verify his information for the citations that Lt. Lowery was writing out, and noticed that a Jennifer Epperson was listed on his jail visitation as a significant other/spouse. The Lt. thought this to be odd since the two acted as though they were together. The Lt. asked booking, which she was and was advised that she was his wife. When the Lt talked with the female and aks who Jennifer Epperson was, she stated that she was, in fact, Jennifer Epperson. The female acknowledged that she had also signed her booking paperwork with the false name she provided. Epperson advised she advised that she did not want to claim all of the marijuana. Lt. advised Perkins that he would have additional charges due to the discovery. It was discovered after verifying Ms. Epperson's information that she had an active warrant out of Murray County. Epperson was charged with theft by shoplifting, possession of marijuana (felony), giving false name/dob, and possession of drug-related objects. Perkins was charged for driving w/out a license, failure to maintain, failure to register motor vehicle, obstruction of law enforcement, possession of marijuana (felony), possession of drug-related objects, driving without a license, failure when register motor vehicle, and improper lane change.