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Couple arrested on meth charges after shoplifting from Walmart Friday

According to a Whitfield County incident report, on Friday, May 22nd, 2020, at approximately 6:33 PM, a deputy was dispatched to the Walmart located at 2545 East Walnut Avenue in reference to shoplifting in progress. The deputy arrived on scene and identified the subjects as Hubert Dewayne Wooten, 50 of Rocky Face, and Melissa Michelle Wooten, 47 of Cartersville. Loss Prevention advised that both Mr. and Ms. Wooten would be prosecuted for opening $59.26 worth of merchandise and concealing it in Ms. Wooten's purse. While in the Loss Prevention office, the deputy began to suspect Mr. Wooten to be a user of methamphetamine due to his excessively fidgety body movements as well as the condition of his teeth. The deputy took both Mr. and Ms. Wooten into custody for shoplifting and walked them both to his patrol car where then he searched them incident to arrest. The deputy located two butane torches in Ms. Wooten's purse along with a bag of Pop Rocks that was open and contained two distinctly different colors and sizes of crystals in it. Another deputy advised that he believed the substance appeared to be methamphetamine based on the picture that was sent and responded to assist. The deputy then read Mr. and Ms. Wooten their Miranda Rights while waiting for the other deputy. The deputy arrived on the scene and obtained consent from Mr. Wooten to search the pickup truck that they arrived at the Walmart in. The following contraband was found in the bed of the pickup truck, a digital pocket scale in a small black in color zip pouch contained in a reusable shopping bag. A second digital pocket scale along with a plastic baggie containing residue in a small metal box contained in a blue plastic tote and four pipes containing residue and a baggie containing a white crystalline substance that he weighed at .9g in a red pouch contained in the white mesh bag was also found. The deputy charged Mr. and Ms. Wooten with theft by shoplifting, possession, or use of drug-related objects for the four pipes, possession of tools for the commission of a crime for the two scales, and possession of methamphetamine.