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Chickamauga man arrested after strangling woman unconscious during violent domestic in Walker County

Updated: Oct 14

According to a Walker County sheriff's Office incident report, on October 3rd, 2020, at 12:40 AM, Deputy Burgess responded to an address on Lisbon Road, Chickamauga, GA, regarding a physical domestic. The deputy arrived and calmed the victim due to her being in a very hysterical state so he could speak with her about what had occurred. The victim stated she had gotten some "Cowboy" boots from the closet to wear. She stated that these boots had been given to her by an ex-boyfriend. The victim stated that when the male aggressor identified as Shawn Laduke Dempsey, 49 of Chickamauga, saw the boots, he became in raged and began a heated verbal argument with her. Dempsey started to shove and push the victim around the house, continuing his verbal assault, shoving her toward the kitchen, stating, "whore go back to him". The victim stated it was at about this time that Dempsey began to beat her head into the counters and head butting her several times. The victim stated that she told Dempsey that she was going to leave the house. The victim stated that when she returned to the house, Dempsey suddenly appeared from behind the door in front of her. Dempsey began head butting her and began his verbal assault. The victim stated that Dempsey slammed her onto the couch and strangled her to the point that she lost consciousness. Deputy Burgess reported, "Marks on the victim that are consistent with her being struck about the head and face, as well as marks around her neck that are consistent with being strangled." As she became conscious, Dempsey was standing over her shaking her violently saying, "your faking". Dempsey began to head-butt the victim several times, and when she attempted to call 911, Dempsey jerked the phone from her, destroying it. Dempsey continued his violent assault kicking her with his boots. Dempsey then shoved her face down on the bed with her head in the pillow, telling her to "go to sleep, you whore" the victim stated that she was being shoved into the pillow. The victim stated that she was still attempting to get away and Dempsey when he stomped her foot, causing visible injures to her toes and foot. The victim stated that she was "barely able to get out of there" left with only her shirt and panties on. The victim stated that she was attempting to defend herself while the suspect was violently attacking her. The deputy contacted a supervisor and called for EMS to check the victim. Deputies responded to the incident location on North Forest Road Chickamauga. Deputies found Dempsey sleeping in the master bedroom. Dempsey stated that he was not a "woman beater" and that the victim had been hitting him, and he only pushed her away. Deputies observed a scratch mark along with swelling on Dempsey's face area. Deputies observed the house to be in disarray, and with the statements given, it was determined that Dempsey was the primary aggressor in this incident. Dempsey was transported to the Walker County Jail charged with terroristic acts, criminal trespass (family violence), criminal damage to property (2nd) (private property) x2, obstructing or hindering persons making emergency phone calls, aggravated battery x2, and aggravated assault (family violence) x2. Deputies provided the victim with a copy of the victim bill of rights and the domestic violence victim's services information sheet, which provides contact information for applicable services as well as information on receiving threats and subsequent steps in the processing of the case.