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Chattanooga man found in possession of meth after shoplifting from Dalton Walmart with daughter

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff's Office incident report, on August 2nd, 2020, at approximately 7:28 PM, a deputy was dispatched to a shoplifting in progress at Walmart located at 2545 East Walnut Avenue. The deputy was advised the offenders left in a green passenger car with Tennessee tag and that the vehicle went to the McDonalds drive-through at 2531 East Walnut Avenue. Two deputies observed a vehicle matching the description and with the same tag number at the pickup window at McDonald's. A deputy conducted an investigative stop with the vehicle at the front entrance of Walmart once the vehicle exited the McDonalds drive-through. The deputy made contact with driver Tory Goodwin, 38 of Chattanooga, and the back seat passenger a Juvenile. The Juvenile was Goodwin's daughter. The deputy was advised one DVD player, and two aftermarket car speakers were stolen. The deputy observed a black Onn brand DVD player in the back seat of the vehicle in plain sight. The DVD player was not in a box, but it was still wrapped in plastic—the deputy located two Scosche speakers inside a bag located inside the vehicle. The deputy also located an Onn brand remote, HDMI cable, and a wall charging block inside the bag. Those items were all still wrapped in plastic and appeared to be from the same packaging as the DVD player. The deputy also located a crystal-like substance that appeared to be methamphetamine inside the bag. The deputy asked Goodwin what substance was in the plastic bag. Goodwin stated the substance was "Ice." The deputy asked if the substance was methamphetamine, and Goodwin stated it was methamphetamine. Loss prevention stated that he wanted all parties trespassed from Walmart's property. The deputy asked Goodwin about the stolen items. Goodwin stated he removed the DVD player from its packaging and placed it under his shirt. Goodwin then stated he removed the speakers from the packaging and placed them into his backpack. The deputy asked Goodwin about the substance located in his bag. Goodwin stated the substance was methamphetamine, and it belonged to him. Goodwin was transported to the Whitfield County Jail booked on charges of theft by shoplifting and possession of methamphetamine.