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Chattanooga man facing slew of charges after leading deputy on brief high-speed chase

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff's Office incident report, on Saturday, February 23rd, 2020, at around 12:23 AM, a deputy observed a gray in color passenger car traveling north on I-75. Deputy caraway observed the vehicle change from the center lane to the right-hand lane and started passing a vehicle that was in the center lane. The deputy used his laser and checked the vehicle 497 feet away at 96 miles an hour. The deputy checked the vehicle's speed as it was changing lanes from the far right-hand lane to the far left-hand lane. The deputy also noticed that the driver did not use a blinker when he made the improper lane change, or at any point, he changed lanes during the incident.

The deputy turned on his emergency lights and siren as the vehicle approached the deputy who was sitting in the center median of I-75. The deputy then attempted to catch up to the vehicle and noticed that the vehicle slowed down. The vehicle then changed lanes into the center lane in front of an SUV. The passenger car sped up and also changed lanes into the far right-hand lane. The deputy advised dispatch that he was attempting to catch a vehicle on I-75 north, passing the 325-mile marker. The deputy noticed that he was going 119 miles an hour and was not catching up to the vehicle. The deputy then observed the vehicle change from the right-hand lane to the left-center lane after almost striking a vehicle in the rear. The deputy then observed the vehicle slam on the brakes in the center lane and made a sudden right hand turn onto the 326 exit crossing over the white cross lines separating the exit and the interstate. The passenger car almost struck a pickup truck when it made the abrupt exit. The passenger car also caused three other cars that were on the exit to slam their brakes to prevent a motor vehicle collision. The deputy informed dispatch that the vehicle was fleeing and had just exited 326. The deputy noticed the vehicle approach the roundabout intersection and continue right onto Carbondale Road without applying his brakes. The deputy then noticed the vehicle slam on its brakes and stop in the middle of Carbondale Road at the Pilot. The deputy exited his vehicle and ordered the driver out of the vehicle and conducted a felony takedown on the driver. The deputy ordered the driver to the ground and waited for another deputy to arrive. Once the other deputy arrived on the scene, the deputy placed the driver into custody without incident. The deputy identified the driver as Reginald Deeandre Anderson, 27, of Chattanooga, TN, from driver's license. The deputy checked Anderson's driver's license status through GCIC and found that his license was suspended indefinitely through TN. Anderson was transported to the Whitfield County Jail charged him with speeding, turn signal violation, improper lane change, failure to maintain lane, following too closely, failure to yield at intersection, improper stopping, improper passing, driving while license suspended, fleeing to elude felony, and reckless driving.