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Chattanooga Ave. bridge project in Dalton completed early

An extensive project to repair and upgrade the Chattanooga Avenue bridge over Mill Creek was completed in November approximately three weeks ahead of schedule. The work on the bridge took nearly two months and addressed a number of issues. The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) inspects every bridge in the state every two years, and the most recent report on the bridge over Mill Creek detailed a number of needed repairs or upgrades to address stability and safety. Dalton’s Public Works Department contracted with Massana Construction to perform the repairs with work beginning on August 26th and continuing through the last week of October. “There were several repair items on the Chattanooga Avenue bridge that required time sensitive repair,” said Dalton Public Works Director Andrew Parker. “At some point in the past, one of the support wing walls detached from the bridge most likely as a result of a vehicular impact.  We were concerned that further failure could occur requiring an emergency repair to make the bridge safe for travel.” There was more work done than that. The project called for an extensive overhaul of the bridge and included repairs and upgrades both cosmetic and also structural for reasons of safety. Crews removed and replaced the existing wingwalls and also the asphalt overlay on the entire bridge deck. Crews replaced bridge deck joints, and extended the existing concrete parapets (for guardrail connection and to be raised to current standard height for safety). The project also included installation of deck pipes along bridge shoulders (to improve drainage), repair of sections of spalled concrete on deck overhang, surface preparation & painting the steel superstructure, redress of the slope protection at each bent, installation of polymer overlay over the bridge deck, epoxy pressure injection of cracks to seal them, and the addition of a guardrail for safety. “Since this project took place in the fall, we were focused on trying to complete the project early since much of the rehab work was temperature sensitive and could not be performed in the winter months,” Parker said.  “I’m proud of not only the contractor’s efforts in completion of this successful project but also our project engineer and management team that performed administration of this project from all the way from plan development through reopening of the bridge ahead of schedule.”

“We are very happy with the job that Massana Construction performed,” said project engineer Megan Elliot, one of the Public Works Department’s supervisors for the bridge repair. “The Chattanooga Avenue Bridge over Mill Creek is like a brand new bridge, and should not require any real maintenance for the next 30-40 years.”