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Chatsworth woman wanted on federal warrant arrested after fleeing deputy in Whitfield County

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff's Office incident report, on Saturday, July 18th, 2020, at around 05:10 AM, a deputy was sitting stationary in the area of Bethel Church Road and Old Chatsworth Road. Deputies had been patrolling the area looking for an individual on foot breaking into vehicles. The deputy had seen the suspect walking on Chatsworth Highway near the opposite side of Old Chatsworth Road; however, the suspect hid in the woods after seeing a patrol vehicle. While sitting stationary in the area, the deputy observed a gray passenger car traveling west on Old Chatsworth Road at a quick pace. The vehicle came to an abrupt stop at the stop sign and sat there for approximately 20 seconds before turning towards Chatsworth Highway. The deputy left his stationary position as the vehicle turned left onto Chatsworth Highway to go east. Based on the entering autos in the area and the strange manner in which the vehicle sat at the stop sign, the deputy was concerned that it might have possibly been stolen by an entering auto suspect. The deputy attempted to catch up to the vehicle that was now driving reckless, traveling at a high rate of speed as it turned onto Maddox Mill Road. The deputy noticed the driver later identified as Whitney Casson, 29 of Chatsworth, brake slightly before navigating a turn and then accelerate driving recklessly. The deputy had all his emergency lights and sirens activated and was traveling approximately 70 MPH attempting to catch up with Casson, who was still creating distance. The deputy caught up to the Casson at Tibbs Bridge, where she made a right turn onto Tibbs Bridge Road. She then immediately left the roadway driving through a yard. Casson continued through the yard and drove to the rear of the residence on Tibbs Bridge Road. Several deputies arrived and approached the vehicle; however, the occupants had fled the vehicle. The driver's side door was open, and deputies located a trail leading through some brush. The vehicle's owner advised that his sister, Whitney Casson, was driving the vehicle. A deputy located a purse in the front driver's side floorboard of the offender vehicle containing the driver's license of Whitney Casson. The deputy also located two baggies of a crystal-like substance and a "loaded" needle in the front pocket of the purse. Dispatch informed the deputy that Casson had a federal probation warrant for her arrest and multiple warrants through Floyd County. Deputies remained in the area and continued to search for Casson walking or hiding in the area since it was daylight outside now. A deputy noticed a large brush pile just inside of the wood line. As he looked by the brush pile, he noticed a female subject lying on her back with a brush covering her face. The deputy gave the female subject verbal commands, which she complied with. The female suspect was handcuffed and identified herself as Whitney Casson. Casson stated that she got scared because she had warrants for her arrest and apologized for attempting to flee. Casson said that the crystal-like substance in the baggies was methamphetamine and said that the liquid inside of the needle was also methamphetamine. Casson was transported to the Whitfield County Jail, reckless driving, failure to maintain lane, fleeing/attempting to elude, felony, willful obstruction of law officers, possession of methamphetamine, and possession and use of drug-related objects. The United States Marshall's Service placed a hold on Casson for the federal probation warrant, and Floyd County also placed a hold. Casson is no stranger to being arrested and has several arrest records. In 2016 she was arrested in Floyd County after she and two others reportedly tried to fraudulently report a vehicle as stolen and collect the insurance money unraveled. Reports said that Casson, then 25, accepted a Jeep from Donald Ray Rizer knowing that he was going to report it stolen. Rizer planned to collect the insurance money from the stolen vehicle. He allegedly told Casson to burn the Jeep and get rid of it because authorities would be looking for it. The Jeep was found wrecked in the woods in Whitfield County.