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Chatsworth pair arrested after shoplifting from Walmart in Dalton

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff's Office incident report, on June 26th, 2020, at approximately 2:53 PM, a deputy was dispatched to Walmart located at 2545 East Walnut Avenue in reference to two subjects being in custody for shoplifting. Upon arrival, the deputy met with the Loss Prevention associate who advised that Barbara Glass, 38 of Chatsworth, was skip scanning items at one of the self-checkouts while her boyfriend, Matthew Murray, 42 of Chatsworth watched. They paid for $121.38 worth of merchandise. However, there was $190.80 worth of merchandise in the shopping cart after they got their receipt and attempted to leave the building leaving $69.42 worth of merchandise unpaid for. Items that were not scanned but taken out of the building included shoes, dermasuction, screen protector, diapers, batteries, beans, beans, pork loin, pork loin, Dr. Pepper, lima beans, peas, hotdog sauce, and salmon. The Loss Prevention associate advised that it was approximately the 9th time they have found Glass doing these sorts of fraudulent transactions; however, this is the first time they were able to detain her in the store. He also advised that Murray was not present during some of these transactions, but he had watched her do it each time he was present. The deputy placed both Murray and Glass under arrest, placed them in handcuffs, searched them, and then placed them in the back of her patrol vehicle. The associate gave the subjects a refund for the merchandise in which they had paid for. The deputy collected a copy of the Loss Prevention Apprehension Report, video footage, and then provided him with a case number. Both Murray and Glass were transported to the Whitfield County Jail where they were charged with theft by shoplifting. The deputy attached a criminal history on each warrantless arrest.