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Chatsworth man leaves scene of crash while DUI, shoplifts and causes scene at Circle K in Dalton

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff's Office incident report, on September 1st, 2020, at around 7:00 PM, a deputy responded to the area of Cleveland Highway and Ga. 3 in reference to hit-and-run, which had just occurred. The suspect vehicle was last seen on Flemming Street. Dispatch advised the offender vehicle was a black Honda Civic with a possible tag of XHL050. Dispatch also advised the tag was a handicap tag as well. Dispatch ran the tag in which the tag came back to a 2011 Honda Civic. A deputy went to the residence to speak with the owner to see who had the vehicle and who was driving the vehicle. Nancy Gullardo, the driver of the vehicle which had been struck stated she was north on Cleveland Highway in the left lane stopped at the traffic light on Cleveland Highway at Ga 3. Nancy stated she was struck hard in the rear end. Nancy stated the vehicle then left at a high rate of speed, turning right onto Ga 3, almost hitting cars in the process. The owner of the vehicle advised the deputy that he had loaned it to a Gerald Lee Combs, 39 of Chatsworth. At this time, Dispatch advised that a vehicle with front end damage had pulled into the Circle K at 2200 Cleveland Highway. The driver had gotten out of the vehicle stumbling across parking lot. The driver was cussing and yelling at his dog saying that he was going to drag it across the parking lot and beat it. The deputy, along with the Lt. responded to the Circle K. The Lt. arrived on scene first and located the intoxicated driver, a shirtless white male later identified as Gerald Combs, inside the store eating hotdogs also eating relish from the rack, in an unsanitary manner. The Lt. took the driver into custody, turning him over to the deputy as he arrived on the scene. The tag on the vehicle was Ga. XHL050. It was displayed on the Honda Accord from the hit and run. While the deputy was reading Georgia implied consent, Gerald was very loud and demanding. Gerald's speech was very thick and slurred. Gerald also reeked with an odor associated with the odor of alcohol coming from his person. The passenger stated Gerald had just picked him up from work. He stated as they were on Cleveland Highway and coming to the red light for Ga.3, Gerald did rear-end a vehicle and then left at a high rate of speed. Gerald was transported to the Whitfield County Jail without incident. The deputy did leave his in car camera on as Gerald was very uncooperative. At the jail, Gerald was issued citations for too fast for conditions, following too close, leaving the scene of an accident, DUI, license not on person, improper lane change, traffic light violation, improper backing, public drunk and shoplifting. Gerald was also checked on the alco-sensor registering .150. As Gerald was being processed in the booking area, he again became very uncooperative and had to be taken to the padded cell as he was so uncooperative. Due to his conduct, it was not possible to ask for a blood test again at the jail. Gerald was also served with an ALS refusal. Gerald was turned over to booking Personal. The report listed several good witnesses. The first witness stated he witnessed the black Honda Civic strike another vehicle then back up, almost hitting another car. The Honda then shot across traffic, almost striking a van and another car going all the way across into the right turn lane, almost striking his vehicle. The Honda then turned onto Ga.3 at a high rate of speed. The witness stated he followed the vehicle calling into 911. A second witness to the events stated he observed the black Honda Civic come into the parking lot, almost hitting his vehicle and other vehicles in the parking lot. The Honda also struck the parking pole at the Circle K at the store. The second and third witnesses both stated they did call 911 as the male and passenger were both, in his opinion, drunk and did not need to be out on the road. Both clerks at the Circle K stated Gerald came into the store and was loud, causing a disturbance.