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Chatsworth man gets violent during arrest after being caught shoplifting from Walmart Saturday

Updated: Jan 28

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff's Office incident report, on Saturday, January 25, 2020, around 1:50 PM, Deputy Mdeiway was dispatched to 2545 East Walnut Avenue (Walmart) in reference to a shoplifting. Walmart employees stated Jimary Montez Jones, 29, of Chatsworth was observed tag swapping a George black jacket ($18.98) with a beanie tag that was lower in price. Once Jones made it past all points of sale, he was apprehended by loss prevention employees of Walmart. When Deputy Mdeiway advised Jones he was going to jail, he refused and stated he did nothing. Jones then proceeded to try to make a phone call as Deputy Mdeiway was trying to get him to stand up. Deputy Mdeiway took Jones's cellphone and grabbed his arm to get Jones to stand up. As Deputy Mdeiway went to put handcuffs on Jones, he pulled away and began resisting. Deputy Mdeiway asked the Walmart employees to help since Deputy Mdeiway could not get Jones's hands behind his back. Jones kept pulling away and resisting arrest and then pushed Loss prevention Walmart employee into the table. Jones was advised he was going to be tased if he did not stop resisting arrest. Deputy Mdeiway then pulled the cartridge off the taser and dry stunned Jones. When Jones felt the taser, he bucked back on Deputy Mdeiway, causing the taser to fall on the ground. Deputy Mdeiway was able to escort Jones to the ground where the scuffle continued. While walking Jones to the patrol car after being cuffed, Jones kept attempting to pull away. Jones finally calmed down once other deputies arrived on scene and placed into the patrol vheicle. The LP employee had cut open and bruised his wrist from when Jones pushed him into a table. Jones stated he had no injuries from the incident. Deputy Mdeiway transported Jones to the Whitfield County Jail charged with theft by shoplifting, battery, and obstruction of officer by violence/threats (felony).