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Chatsworth man arrested after causing scene at Hi-Tech Fuel and fighting with officer during arrest

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on Friday, June 6th, 2020, Officer Avila responded to East Morris Street in reference to a prowler. The officer was notified by a homeowner (Mr. Sanchez) that a male later identified as John Amos Rymer, 33 of Chatsworth wearing a dark t-shirt, a hat, jeans, and boots came to their residence using vulgar and obscene language towards them. The homeowner stated that Rymer was walking around their house in the dark, and Rymer got aggressive when they told him to leave. The homeowner informed the officer that Rymer walked across the street and was looking at an officer's patrol car. The officer could see the Rymer walking east on East Morris Street towards 1524 East Morris Street; Hi-Tech Fuel. The officer got out with Rymer at Hi-Tech Fuel and immediately noticed who it was. The officer stated he had dealt with Rymer earlier. The officer told Rymer to come to him so he could explain what was going on. Rymer stated that he was just walking down the street, and the "Mexicans" told him not to walk on their lawn. Rymer stated that he yelled back and walked away. Rymer was calm when the officer was talking to him at that moment. Rymer informed the officer that he wasn't behind their house; he was just passing by. At this time, the officer decided to let Rymer continue to walk away due to conflicting stories from both parties. While Officer Avila was walking towards his patrol car, the Hi-Tech Fuel clerk called out and informed the officer that Rymer was scaring her because he was sitting on the floor staring at her. The clerk wished for him to leave. The officer entered HI-Tech fuels to tell Rymer. To leave the store, Rymer began to get agitated and say, "Who the f**k does not want me here" "Who said that! ?". The officer told Rymer it's time for him to leave, and Rymer kept yelling while exiting the store. The officer observed the customers beginning to get nervous and scared by Rymer's actions. The officer ushered Rymer outside and told Rymer that he needed to calm down. Rymer replied, "F**k you and those Mexicans down the street." "I can do what I want!". The officer decided to detain Rymer due to his high aggravated nature and vulgar language for disorderly conduct. The officer grabbed Rymer's right wrist when he was walking away. Rymer immediately snatched his wrist away from the officer. The officer grabbed Rymer from behind, securing his movement with his arms. The officer requested for units to respond immediately as the struggle ensued with Rymer. Rymer began to resist and would not listen to any commands the officer gave him. Rymer was trying to break free from the officer hold and pushed his body into the patrol car's spotlight, damaging the paint on the patrol car's hood. Rymer would not comply with any command and kept using vulgar language. Rymer was willing and intentionally resisting arrest by using violence. The violent struggle ensued until Sgt. Corso and Officer Bethune arrived on the scene and assisted in getting Rymer in custody. Rymer was transported to the Whitfield County Jail charged loitering and prowler, disorderly conduct, willful obstruction of law enforcement officer - felony, and interference with government property.