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Cartersville man charged with DUI after concerned citizen calls 911 on truck driving erratically

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on Sunday, September 20th, 2020, at around 8:30 PM, FCPD Officer Boatfield was dispatched to BOLO regarding a black Chevrolet Colorado. The driver was possible DUI and was driving erratically on SR20 at Evans Store. Dispatch advised that the concerned citizen stated the truck had gone into the opposite lane of travel. The officer first observed the vehicle headed eastbound and observed the vehicle swerving on the eastbound side. The officer got behind the vehicle to observe the driving. The officer noticed that the driver later identified Scottie Wallace, 58 of Cartersville, as was all over his lane of travel and could not maintain a straight line. The officer activated her lights to initiate a traffic stop. Scottie did not react or stop until she turned on her siren. Scottie pulled over at the entrance to Rome Cinemas on Shorter Avenue. The officer reported that Scottie seemed a bit lethargic and that his speech was slightly slurred. He very slowly got his wallet out when asked. When Scottie was explained why he was stopped, he stated that he was trying to get around cars in traffic. When asked if he had been drinking, doing any drugs, or had taken any prescription medication, he said no. When asked, Scottie stated that he had been to his place on Weiss Lake and was headed back home to Cartersville. When asked again if he had anything to drink prior to driving and while at the lake, Scottie stated that he had a couple of beers. Sergeant Holbrook arrived on scene to conduct field sobriety tests on Scottie. According to Sergeant Holbrook supplemental report, Scottie had trouble maintaining balance and couldn't follow simple instructions. Scottie advised he could not properly perform the walk and turn test due to an inner ear issue. Scottie was asked to say the alphabet C-R and missed a few letters. Due to the many clues of impairment, Scottie was placed under arrest for DUI. While out with Scottie, Officer Boatfield stated the odor of alcohol became very prominent. Scottie was read the Georgia Implied Consent notice and agreed to a blood draw. Scottie was transported the Floyd County Jail charged with DUI-driving under the influence of alcohol.