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Cartersville man arrested, two more sought in Floyd County kidnapping, torture, and rape of woman

According to the Floyd County Police Department, on July 24th, James Joshua Perez, 37, of Cartersville, and Jose Velasquez Jr. forced a woman into his car at the Sunrise Inn and Suites on Martha Berry Boulevard in Rome. The woman had previously run from him after she had her phone stolen by another man on Chulio Road. Perez then drove the woman to a trailer in the Oaks Mobile Home Community on Rockmart Highway, where the two men, along with Jennifer Swanson, 35, of Rome tied her up with rope, beat her and kept her in a closet. After the woman’s boyfriend’s mother and sister heard about the kidnapping, they went to the trailer to confront both Perez and Velasquez about where the woman was. They argued with the two men to let them in, eventually making their way in and finding the woman tied up in the closet. They chased the three suspects down Rockmart Highway but ended up stopping after 911, advised to wait for an officer to arrive. According to the report, Perez raped the woman while keeping her in the trailer. She was also beaten, attacked with a knife, and burned while being held against her will. Floyd County Police are looking for both Velasquez and Swanson. Perez was arrested in South Georgia and booked into the McIntosh County Jail. On Tuesday, Perez was transported back to the Floyd County Jail by the Sheriff's office and booked in on charges of rape, false imprisonment, kidnapping, aggravated assault and parole violation. He remains in jail on without bond.