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Birchwood TN woman caught shoplifting from Dalton Walmart found in possession of heroin

According to a Dalton Police incident report, Monday, January 19th, 2020, an officer was dispatched to another shoplifting at 815 Shugart Road (Walmart). Loss Prevention had Katelyn Jones, 24, of Birchwood, Tennessee, in the LP office. Jones told the officer that she was attempting to steal items for someone in exchange for money. Loss prevention then pointed out a multitude of items Jones had been caught with. They stated that they originally stopped her because she had skip scanned a bag of beef jerky. While speaking with Jones the officer noticed an unusual bulge in both sleeves of her jacket. After placing Jones into custody, the officer located many more items in her jacket sleeves, pockets, and in her boots. Jones then stated that she had more items in her bra. At that time, the officer called for a female officer so she could search Jones. When the officer arrived, she located multiple pairs of stolen socks in Jones bra and a small baggie containing a powdery substance. Jones stated that it was heroin. Jones transported to the Whitfield County Jail. While they were searching Jones at the jail, they located a stolen sweater, a watch, and two pairs of pants on her person. The substance field-tested positive for heroin. Jones was charged with possession of heroin and shoplifting. The stolen items totaled to be $245.