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Alabama woman claims she has COVID-19 attempts to bite, kick, and spit on deputies during arrest

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff's Office incident report, on Saturday, August 22nd, 2020, at around 11:45 AM, a lieutenant and sergeant responded to an address on Ranger Place in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival, Lt. observed Bridget Miranda Dalton, 42, Henagar, Alabama, sitting on the driver side of a black Nissan Frontier. Deputies spoke with the complainant who stated Bridget arrived alone in the black Nissan Frontier. The complainant stated she was requesting to visit with her mother, who was not home at the time the incident occurred. The complainant stated he would not allow Bridget to enter the home, so she was upset, hollering, and threatening to run the truck into the residence. Therefore, the complainant stated he called 911, and he wished for her to leave the property. The complainant also stated the Nissan Frontier was stolen out of Chattanooga. The lieutenant ran the license plate on the Frontier through GCIC, and it returned as stolen. The lieutenant then spoke with Officer Russ with Chattanooga Police Department, who stated the vehicle was reported stolen by the owner. Officer Russ also stated the theft of the vehicle coincided with burglary of a home. While out with Bridget, she stated several times she borrowed the vehicle with permission, and she had all the vehicle information in the truck. Bridget stated she borrowed the truck from to drive to Henagar, Alabama, to retrieve some items then she stated she drove the Frontier to see her mother. The lieutenant asked the victim if he allowed Bridget to borrow the vehicle, and he stated no. He further stated someone broke into his residence and stole the truck keys without his permission. The lieutenant had a deputy on scene check Bridget's temperature to ensure she did not have a temperature due to her making the statement she had the Corona Virus. She had a normal temperature reading; therefore, the lieutenant placed her under arrest, cuffing her behind the back, checking for fit and double locking the cuffs, and then placed her into his patrol vehicle. The seatbelt was placed on Bridget after she was seated in the patrol vehicle. A few minutes later, the deputy observed that Bridget had removed one hand from her handcuff, and she started beating on the cage in the rear of the vehicle. Bridget became agitated and threatened to "bite you to death" She started hitting on the vehicle and started kicking when the deputies attempted to remove her from the vehicle. A deputy took the cuff off of her other hand, she started resisting and would not adhere to verbal commands. The deputy pulled her from the vehicle, and she fell to the ground and started to actively resist. The lieutenant grabbed her arm to help the deputy gain control of Bridget. Bridget continued to resist and attempted to bite the deputy. The lieutenant grabbed the back of her neck in an attempt to redirect her and gain control of her. The lieutenant, deputy, and the sargent all attempted to give verbal commands to Bridget to stop resisting. Bridget then calmed down for a moment, then she became agitated again and started spitting at the deputies. Bridget was spitting and kicking as deputies were attempting to restrain her. Bridget kicked the lieutenant, so he retrieved some leg irons from his vehicle in an attempt to restrain her legs. The lieutenant stood on her legs as he applied the leg irons while the other deputies tried to keep control of her. During the struggle, Bridget attempted to kick, bite, and spit on all three deputies. Another deputy arrived on the scene, and he brought a spit mask to place on Bridget. Once the spit mask was applied, the deputies placed her into the patrol vehicle, where she was able to move the cuffs in front of her and take the mask off of her again. Bridget continued to blow blood from her nose and spit at the lieutenant while she was in the vehicle. While in the vehicle, the lieutenant attempted to calm Bridget down. However, she remained agitated and talked about all the diseases she had that she was going to give to the deputies. She then started screaming out of the window for help. Bridget stated, "I should gut you and see how your anatomy looks" During the transport to the jail, Bridget ripped the cord from the rear camera in the patrol car and tore a hole in the rear driver seat. When the lieutenant arrived at the Whitfield County Jail, Bridgett was removed from the patrol car and placed into the restraint chair. She was charged with theft by receiving stolen property, theft by bringing stolen property into the state, obstructing or hindering law enforcement officer (3 counts), interference with government property (2 counts) and driving while suspended or revoked.