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Alabama brothers arrested after shoplifting thousands in merchandise from Home Depot and Walmart

According to the Dalton Police Department incident report, on Friday, April 24th, 2020, officers responded to a shoplifting in progress at the Home Depot on Shugart Road. Upon arrival, officers were instructed to remain outside in the event that the two males shoplifting fled. Loss prevention specialist informed officers that it was two black males, one in a gray shirt and one in a ball cap. Loss prevention informed officers that they were known shoplifters that had successfully shoplifted from the store on Wednesday, April 15th, 2020, and Thursday, April 23rd, 2020. LP advised that they were currently on the power Tool aisle concealing power tools inside moving boxes. During the incident, both males left the items on the aisles they were on and attempted to flee the store. One of the males, identified as Theodric Collins, of Pike Road, Montgomery County, Alabama, was apprehended by Officer Jenkins and Sgt. Corso while running to their vehicle. He had the keys to the vehicle in his hand when he was apprehended. Officers could identify through the windows of the vehicle what appeared to be unopened merchandise that appeared stolen from Walmart. Walmart's loss prevention came to the scene and was able to determine that the items were stolen from Walmart. They were not sure which Walmart they were stolen from, though. After Theodric was apprehended, his brother, identified as Brandon Collins, of Montgomery, Alabama, was spotted walking towards Walmart. Officer Hill headed in that direction and quickly detained him. Brandon was compliant and did not run as Theodric did. Officer Hammontree began questioning both brothers after reading them their Miranda rights. Both brothers refused to admit to any wrongdoing. They stated that they were in town because Brandon had a friend that lived in the area. They stated that they were from Alabama but were currently staying in Ringgold. They went to Ooltewah to pick up a prescription for Brandon and then came to Dalton for reasons they could not articulate. Their vehicle, a black Hyundai Sonata, was towed to the police department so that officers could execute a search warrant. Theodric asked Officer Jenkins when he would get the car back, and Officer Jenkins told him after they got all of the stolen items out. Theodric replied, "Not all of it is stolen." A Dalton PD detective assisted officer Hill in writing a search warrant and getting it signed by a judge for the Sonata so they could search the vehicle for the power tools. In the vehicle, officers found 15 various power tools stolen from Home Depots in Alabama and various items stolen from a Walmart. The power tools from Home Depot were accounted for and released to the loss prevention specialist from Home Depot. LP valued the items over $2,500. Numerous items stolen from Walmart were taken inside and tagged for evidence. These items included coolers, toilet paper, clothes, cookware, a Bluetooth speaker, kitchen appliances, and other various items. In total, over 50 stolen items were recovered from Walmart valued over $1,000. Both Collins brothers were booked into the Whitfield County Jail charged with a felony count of shoplifting and a felony count of taking stolen property across state lines. According to online records both have a long criminal record involving theft.