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Adairsville woman arrested for DUI after traffic stop for several violations

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff's Office incident report, on Thursday, July 30th, 2020, a deputy who was actively patrolling the area of Cleveland Highway and Orchard Way noticed a silver 2016 Mercedes Benz driving with its high beam headlights on while closely behind several other vehicles. As the vehicle turned onto Orchard Way, the deputy got behind it. As the deputy was behind the vehicle, it failed to maintain numerous times. The vehicle approached the stop sign at Pleasant Grove Drive; instead of stopping the vehicle slowed down and turned right without signaling. The vehicle made a very wide right hand turning causing it to be completely in the opposing lane of traffic's travel before correcting to the correct side of the roadway. The deputy initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle in front of Salem Baptist Church on Pleasant Grove Drive. The vehicle initially stopped in the middle of the road then pulled to the right side of the road going over a curb with both passenger-side tires. The vehicle then slowly pulled off the curb as Deputy Small utilized his PA system in his patrol car, advising the driver, later identified as Alexandria Summerfield, 26 of Adairsville, to pull the vehicle into the parking lot of Salem Baptist Church. The deputy approached the vehicle making contact with the Summerfield. The deputy advised Summerfield the reasons for the stop was due to the improper use of high beam lights, failing to maintain lane, not stopping at the stop sign, the wide turn into the other lane of travel, as well as not utilizing the vehicle's turn signal when turning. The deputy could immediately smell a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from Summerfield's vehicle. The deputy asked Summerfield where she was coming from, and if she had drunk any alcoholic beverages. Summerfield said she was coming from Crescent City Tavern in the city of Dalton and had two beverages while there. The deputy noted that Summerfield's speech was extremely slurred when she was speaking and that he could smell the alcoholic beverage coming from her mouth while standing on the side of the vehicle. Summerfield's eyes were bloodshot and very glossy. Summerfield failed the field sobriety test given by the deputy. Summerfield was placed under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol. Summerfield was read Georgia's Implied consent for subjects over the age of 21 and agreed to provide a sample of her breath. At the Jail Summerfield, first breath sample provided showed a BAC of 0.243, and the second breath sample provided showed a BAC of 0.228. Summerfield was cited for driving under the influence of alcohol, failure to maintain lane, and failure to stop at stop sign.