Lindale man arrested on felony theft charges after failing to return rented vehicle in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On December 27th, 2022, at 8:31 PM, Officer Sangphim and Officer Roubieu responded to 85 Sam Harris Road. Dispatch advised they had spoken with a representative for Enterprise. He informed Dispatch that a vehicle that they had reported stolen earlier that day with Rome Police Department was currently parked at 85 Sam Harris Road, according to OnStar. The vehicle was described as being a red Toyota Corolla with Maryland Tag 4EP0557. Officers arrived at the residence and observed the red Toyota Corolla with Maryland Tag: 4EP0557. Officer Lanier arrived on the scene and ran the tag, which came back as stolen. Dispatch advised that the person who originally rented the vehicle was Darwin Lee Bell, 62, of Lindale. Bell approached and presented officers with his identification. Bell stated that he had been in Missouri and that they had been snowed in, and he knew he was supposed to have had the car back already. Bell stated that he had not paid for the extra time with the vehicle because of an issue with his credit card. Dispatch confirmed that Enterprise did want to press charges. Officer Sangphim read Rome Police Department Officer Gilbreath’s report. In her report that Enterprise informed her the vehicle was rented on December the 1st and was supposed to be returned Dec. 11th. The vehicle was entered as stolen on December 27th, 2022, into GCIC. Bell was transported to the Floyd County Jail, where he was charged with felony theft by receiving stolen property

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