Lindale man arrested for DUI after leading Floyd County officer on high-speed chase to his house

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On January 20th, 2023, at 12:59 PM, while patrolling the area of Old Rockmart Road near Preacher Smith Road, Officer Matthews observed a 2006 gold Chevy truck traveling west at a radar speed of 54 mph in the 35 zone. Officer Matthews reported, “[I] activated my marked patrol car blue flashing lights and pointed to the driver (William Todd Fricks, 55, of 22 Indian River Lindale) to stop his vehicle. William refused to stop his vehicle and accelerated still westbound on Old Rockmart Road. [I] then activated my siren and gave pursuit to the fleeing vehicle. William was driving his vehicle at a high rate of speed, showing no regard for the safety of other drivers. William ran through the stop sign intersection of Old Rockmart Road and Reeceburg Road, jumping the railroad tracts, and continued to attempt to elude me. William continued to drive at a high rate of speed as he approached the intersection of Booze Mountain Road and also ran that stop sign and intersection, continuing to speed outbound on Reeceburg Road. William turned into the driveway of 22 Indian River and began to exit his truck.” Officer Matthews took William to gunpoint, giving verbal commands. William was taken into custody. Officer Matthews asked William why he had run, at which time he replied that he had been drinking and got scared. Officer Matthews reported, “[I] did smell the odor of alcohol coming from William’s breath.” William agreed to the state test and was transported to the Floyd County Jail. William was charged with DUI, fleeing, reckless driving, speeding, and stop sign violation x2.

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