Four arrested for felony currently to animals after nearly starving dog to death in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On March 6th, 2023, at 3:09 PM, Officer Kelsi Wade was requested by Animal Control officers to go to 234 West Big Indian Trl. Officer Wade met with Officers Freeman, Bohannon, and Gibson, all with animal control. Animal control officers advised FCPD officer there was a dog on the property that was extremely malnourished and appeared to be a level 1 on the Purina Body Scale. Officer Wade reported in great detail the extremely terrible condition the dog named Ruby was in. She advised the dog had absolutely no fat or muscle fat. She reported that she could fit her fingers while laying flush with Ruby’s fur in between each of her ribs. Ruby’s spine was so prominent that she was able to feel each of her notches and in between them from having no flesh on the top of her vertebrae. Ruby had a very obvious pelvic tuck. Ruby was so emaciated that her hips were tucked under her hips due to her stomach being empty. The dog’s owner Derrick James Pope, 38, and Kelly Denise Abney, 42, both of Rome, were placed under arrest. Abney and Pope were both transported to the Floyd County Jail. Dr. Nepps advised that strictly with no food or any form of “table scraps,” this level of emaciation can happen within two weeks. Ruby’s intake weight was 43 pounds, and her nails were severely overgrown. When Ruby received the small pieces of food from Dr. Nepps, she showed a vigorous appetite, almost swallowing the food chucks whole. On March 10th, 2023, Officer Wade got two warrants for Codi Floyd Bell, 31, and Stephen Clifford Bell, 33, both of Rome, for the charge of felony aggravated currently to animals. Katy Walters, the Director of Animal Control, informed the officer that her condition of Ruby was so severe that she required extensive Vet attention. Officer Wade reported, “Ruby’s condition could have been avoided if someone had properly reported the conditions of her or provided food. [I] know that Codi and Stephen have multiple dogs in the home. Codi and Stephen have been actively feeding the other dogs but not providing any food to Ruby, slowly watching Ruby starve nearly to death.” Both did not attempt to help feed or care for Ruby. They allowed Abney and Pope to hide the starving dog any time that Police or animal control were at their home. All four were booked into the Floyd County Jail, charged with felony aggravated currently to animals.

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