Floyd County police officer assaulted by juvenile while attempting to arrest her mother on warrant

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On January 5th, 2023, at 3:25 PM, Officer Stanfield received a call about Tameka Ann Rogers, 37, of Rome, being at the business of Dunkin Donuts. Officer Stanfield was familiar that Tameka had active warrants for her arrest from an incident that occurred on December 20th, 2022. According to the warrant, Tameka assaulted a woman who was five months pregnant, leaving visible injuries. Officer Stanfield reported, “While en route, [I] did have dispatch confirm that Tameka had active warrants. [I] entered the store and observed Mkayla inside, and walked back out to my car. [I] observed someone who [I] believed to be Tameka but was unsure. [I] did have dispatch send me a photograph of Tameka to confirm it was her, and when [I] did, [I] approached Tameka to arrest her. [I] approached the driver’s door of a car with a Tennessee license plate that was identified to me. Upon approach, [I] did ask the driver for her name. The driver asked why, and [I] informed her I needed to know her name and if she was Tameka. The female immediately stated, “nope.” [I] instructed Tameka to step out of the car, but she was adamant she was not Tameka. Upon asking what her name is, she stated her name was ”Kimberly” at this time. [I] did request “Kimberly” to produce her ID, but she refused. She stated she has not done anything wrong and that she did not have to show her ID. “Kimberly” did ask what the problem was, and [I] advised her [I] believed that she was Tameka. “Kimberly” immediately became extremely defensive and stated she was not Tameka. [I] then advised “Kimberly” that [I] was looking for Tameka due to her having active warrants. Upon hearing this, “Kimberly” stated, “Tameka has no warrant.” She then followed this with, “How do [I] have warrants?”” Tameka refused to exit the vehicle. Tameka then told her 14-year-old daughter to get inside so they could leave. Officer Stanfield believed that Tameka was about to leave the premises. Officer Stanfield reported, “In order to prevent this and avoid a failure of justice, [I] did open the car door and instructed Tameka to exit the vehicle. Her daughter was placing her hands on her mom, stating. “Please don’t take my mom.”” Tameka refused to exit the vehicle, so Officer Stanfield assisted her out of the vehicle. Tameka continued to pull away from the officer to avoid being arrested. Her daughter began assaulting the officer while also attempting to push him off of Tameka. She also scratched him on the right side of his neck while pushing him. A third female, identified as Mkayla Rogers, 18, came outside from her work and also attempted to prevent the officer from arresting Tameka. During the struggle, the officer also observed multiple people inside the store recording on their phones instead of offering any kind of assistance. Tameka was eventually taken into custody. Officers then observed Mkayla attempting to flee the scene with the 14-year-old. Mkayla was stopped and also taken into custody with the assistance of Rome PD. The 14-year-old was transported to Police Department and charged with felony obstruction. Both Mkayla and Tameka were transported and booked into the Floyd County Jail. Tameka was charged with simple battery against a pregnant woman, criminal trespass, and obstruction.

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