Dalton woman assaults officers after driving drunk with baby in lap on Walnut Avenue

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, On March 29th, 2023, at 5:15 PM, officers were given a BOLO for a vehicle in the area of East Walnut Ave and Riverbend Road. The BOLO described a reckless and possibly intoxicated driver. The complainant stated that the female driver of a white Acura SUV appeared to be under the influence and was driving with a baby in her lap. Immediately Whitfield County 911 informed officers that they had received an additional caller about the vehicle. The second caller stated that the driver was driving recklessly in that area with a baby in her lap and was hitting several curbs. Officer Morang and Officer McDaniel quickly drove to 219 North Fredrick Street and located the vehicle and driver, identified as Precious Juanita Sells, 32, of Dalton. Officer McDaniel reported, “[I] could clearly hear that the woman’s speech was heavily slurred, and she was incredibly uneasy on her feet. [I] attempted to inform her why [I] was there and tell her about the multiple calls we had received about her driving while intoxicated. She then said, “I wasn’t driving,” with yet again extremely slurred speech. [I] tried to convince her to hand the baby to someone. This was done so that she wouldn’t drop the infant or fall onto them. As [I] got closer [I] smelled the odor of alcoholic beverages on her breath. She quickly became irritated and unreasonable. She continued to state that she, “Wasn’t intoxicated” and that [I] “Didn’t pull her over”. It was clear that the others on the scene were also becoming increasingly upset because of the presence of my presence. They also began to yell and raise their voices as they commented on my presence. As [I] tried to speak to Precious, my back was now to over five angry individuals.” As the officer attempted to detain her, she began resisting arrest with the baby still in her arms. The officer continued to stress the fact that someone else on scene needed to come to get the baby out of her arms.” The other people refused to get the baby only, further endangering the safety of the child. Eventually, someone walked in front of Precious and got the baby out of her hands. While he was attempting to help the officer, he was shouting, “Your going to hurt the baby!” to Precious as she resisted. The officer then requested assistance from other officers. Her friends and family members continued to scream that Officer McDaniel shouldn’t be arresting her because “He was a man and she was a woman”. From this point on Precious’ entire group of friends and family were yelling, cursing, and screaming in the officer’s faces. By now, Precious had become increasingly volatile, aggressive, and extremely uncooperative. She refused to cooperate and get inside the back seat of the patrol vehicle willingly. Officers were left with no choice but to force her into the car. As Officer Morang attempted this, Precious assaulted and kicked him several times. These kicks left a footprint on Officer Morang. The entire time officers were being assaulted Precious’ friends and family members continued to shout and berate officers with insults and curse words. At one point, the family members balled their fists up and stepped toward the officers. DFCS was then called out to take custody baby. Precious DUI less safe, reckless conduct, driving with no license on person, safety belt required for a child under 8 years of age, felony obstruction, and DUI endangering a child.

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