Dalton woman arrested after violating family violence order bond condition in Whitfield County

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On January 22nd, 2023, at 3:10 PM, Deputy Corona and Deputy Fernandez responded to the address on Navajo Way in reference to a disturbance. Once on the scene, deputies met with the victims. They advised that they were locked out of the residence, and Angelia Denice Crawford, 43, of Dalton, was inside, refusing to let them in. Deputies were advised that there were active bond conditions between the parties. Deputy Fernandez confirmed the bond conditions and advised that Angelia was to stay away from the victims but did not mention anything about a specific address. Deputies advised them that, technically, she did not violate the bond conditions since she came to an empty residence prior to their arrival. Deputies suggested that they find somewhere to stay for the night and contact the magistrate court the next day. Both subjects stated that they had nowhere to go and that they would just break into the house by any means necessary. According to the report, “One of the victims mentioned that Angelia had been messaging her on Facebook messenger the day before and this morning. Deputy Fernandez read the messages, and they had a time stamp of 8:57 AM on this date. At this point, the deputies had already made contact with Angelia, and Deputy Fernandez asked her about the messages. She admitted to sending them and stated that she was just asking her about snacks and some cigarettes that she had left. Deputy Fernandez asked for specifics on the bond conditions. They were able to confirm that they stated Angelia “shall stay away, absolutely, directly or indirectly, by person and by telephone, by any form of communication.” Deputy Fernandez then placed Angelia into custody.” She was then transported to the Whitfield County Jail and charged with violating the family violence order.

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