Cedartown pair arrested after 130 mph pursuit from Floyd County ends in Polk County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On November 23rd, 2022, Officer Vicente was traveling southbound on Ga 101 ( Rockmart Hwy). Officer Vicente reported, “[I] observed a vehicle in front of me with extremely dim tag lights. Upon getting closer to the vehicle, [I] advised dispatch of the license plate number 40644QB and had them run it through GCIC. The E911 dispatcher advised me that the license plate number returned to a 1998 red Chevrolet Camaro and that the registration was canceled. As dispatch was advising me of my returns, [I] looked at the vehicle and observed that the vehicle that the plate came back to and the physical vehicle it was on did not match. As [I] proceeded to travel southbound on GA 101 following the vehicle, [I] activated my visible blue lights and audible siren as we were coming up to Pleasant valley road to initiate a traffic stop. Once [I] activated my visible lights and audible sirens on my vehicle, [I] advised dispatch that [I] would be initiating a traffic stop with the vehicle and advised of my location would be Ga 101 passing Pleasant Valley Rd, and that myself and the vehicle were still rolling up the hill. Once [I] had activated my lights and sirens, the driver, identified later as Mr. John Lamar Langston, 39, of Cedartown, activated his brakes and then proceeded to go up the hill until coming to a stop on the right side of the road while having his right blinker activated. Once stopped [I] was preparing to advise dispatch that we had come to a stop when [I] observed Mr. Langston begin accelerating and taking off on me. As Mr. Langston continued to accelerate, [I] activated my body camera and advised dispatch that Mr. Langston was taking off on me. The grey Infiniti G35 continued to travel outbound at high speeds, reaching up to 130 mph. As the pursuit continued to travel outbound Langston began driving recklessly, passing several cars. While still traveling southbound on Ga 101 and approaching Zona Kay Cir, Langston proceeded to go around a vehicle on the northbound lane at speeds of around 120 to 130 mph. Langston passed several more vehicles in a no-passing zone. Langton was attempting everything to avoid arrest, driving extremely recklessly at speeds over 120 mph the wrong way sometimes. Officer Vicente reported, “Once in Polk County, we continued to pass Dean Rd and continued to pass Seney Pond Rd at the speeds of 130n Miles Per Hour. [I] was then advised by dispatch that Stop sticks had been deployed by Argon Police Department up ahead. I advised dispatch that we were coming up to Live Oak Rd at 115 Mile Per Hour and that traffic was light. At this time, [I] observed that the vehicle began sparking, and the back bumper was falling over. We continued to Pass Doc Moates Rd at 120 Miles Per Hour and suddenly slowed down to 70 miles Per Hour.” The pursuit continued into Argon City limits, and Langston then turned right onto Prospect Road at 70 mph to avoid stop sticks continuing to accelerate in attempts to get away. The pursuit then turned right onto Cashtown Road, Where PFC Dollar rejoined the pursuit and advised that a Polk County officer was secondary. Langston then turned right, continuing onto Cashtown Rd, and continued to approach Roper Rd, where Langston finally came to a stop. Officer took Langston and passenger Brandie Money, 39, of Cedartown, at gunpoint and conducted a felony traffic stop. Both Langston and Money were taken into custody. Both Langston and Money were transported to the Floyd County Jail and booked. Langston was charged with speeding, reckless driving, driving while license suspended or revoked (misdemeanor), driving on the wrong side of the roadway, improper passing, acquiring a license plate for the purpose of concealing identification of the motor vehicle, fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer for a felony offense x2, and failure to maintain lane. While at the jail, the deputies located drugs on Money’s person, and she was then charged with unlawful for a jail inmate to possess any controlled substance, drugs, guns, or dangerous weapons and possession of a schedule I.

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