Cartersville motorcyclist arrested after 140 + mph pursuit with trooper on I-75 in Gordon County

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, On February 19th, 2023, at 3:29 PM, After completing a traffic stop on I-75 northbound at mile marker 313, Trooper Mefford observed a black sports bike that did not have a tag displayed on its rear traveling north on 1-75. Trooper Mefford reported, “As the motorcycle passed by, [I] observed the rider, later identified as Tristan Alexander Seals, 18, of Cartersville, accelerate at a high rate of speed and begin weaving in and out of traffic. With my lights still active, [I] activated my siren and began attempting to catch up to the motorcycle. [I] could see the motorcycle still traveling north on I-75, and [I] was able to catch up to it as Mr. Seals was exiting at the 317 northbound exits. Mr. Seals turned and acknowledged that [I] was behind him, but he continued down the exit ramp. As he approached the traffic signal at the intersection of GA 225, Mr. Seals ran the red light and turned south on GA 225. He then accelerated, initiating a pursuit. He entered back onto I-75 Southbound and continued fleeing. As [I] was pursuing Mr. Seals, [I] observed him swerving in front of traffic, lane splitting between vehicles, and passing on the shoulders. With my department-issued radar, I was able to check his speed. He was traveling 148 miles per hour during the pursuit.” Seals were extremely reckless and were putting himself and other motorists in great danger. Trooper Mefford attempted to overtake and stop the motorcyclist, but he sped around him, almost side-swiping another vehicle and crashing. Trooper Mefford was able to cut the motorcyclist off and forced him to stop. The trooper then removed Seals from the motorcycle and placed him under arrest. Trooper Mefford reported, “[I] asked him why he was running. He stated that he had recently bought the motorcycle, and it was a nice day to ride. [I] asked if he had the registration or insurance for the motorcycle. He said no. After running Mr. Seals’ Georgia license through GCIC, it returned that his license was suspended. Sgt. Best assisted, and Seals was transported to the Gordon County Jail, charged with felony fleeing, reckless driving, no insurance, no valid registration, and running red light.

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