Adairsville man arrested for DUI drugs found with fentanyl after speeding on Hwy 140 in Floyd County

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, On April 20th, 2023, at 10:03 hours, Corporal Flowers was patrolling in a Construction zone on GA 140 near Rush Chapel Road when he observed a 2014 Ford Fusion speeding at 63 mph in a 45 mph zone. Trooper Flowers conducted a traffic stop and made contact with driver Cory Dewayne Patterson, 44, of Adairsville. The trooper was able to identify the female passenger as Rosa Elizabeth Cloer, 33, of Adairsville. Trooper Flowers reported, “While talking to them [I] noticed they would not look at me, they both seemed extremely nervous, and the driver was on the nod (would close his eyes). Per GCIC, the vehicle was registered to another person, and Cory Patterson had an active warrant out of Gordon County for Theft by receiving. [I] then asked Mr. Patterson to exit the vehicle and stand in front of my patrol car. While talking to Mr. Patterson, [I] noticed he had track marks on both sides of his arms, and on his left arm, he had a fresh track mark. When asked about his track marks, he stated those were cuts from briars from the other day. [I] noticed his eyes were bloodshot and watery, and his pupils were constricted. His speech was mumbled and slightly slurred. [I] asked him if he had used any meth recently or taken any medication, and he stated no.” During a search of the vehicle, the trooper located a black bag under the passenger seat. Inside the bag were several syringes, cotton balls, a lighter, and a small bag containing an unknown substance. One of the syringes had a yellowish liquid inside, and another had blood inside. Ms. Cloer was detained and advised she would like to have her Attorney present. Trooper Flowers reported, “[I] then advised Mr. Patterson of his Miranda Warning, and he agreed to speak to me. He stated yes, and all that stuff was his, and she had no idea it was in the vehicle. [I] asked him what is it since it didn’t look or feel like Methamphetamine. He stated it was Fentanyl. [I] noticed a paper towel lying in the driver-side door panel that had fresh blood on it. During field sobriety tests, Patterson showed several signs of drug impairment. Patterson was then transported to Floyd County Jail, refusing the state testing of his blood. According to the report, While en route to the Jail, Patterson stated he wished there was a place he could get help and get off this terrible drug. He stated he has to use Fentanyl twice a day. If not, he will get sick. He stated he uses it every morning around 7:00 AM, and can hold out to the evening. Patterson was charged with DUI, possession of Fentanyl, driving without license in possession, and speeding in a construction zone.

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